Food and Nutrition...

At Little Squiggles we are passionate about healthy eating, where possible the food provided will be homemade.


I always take into consideration the '5-a-day' guidelines and limit foods and drinks with high fat, sugar and or salt content.


I have provided an example list of some of the meals I offer, this is included in the fee....



Light snacks are provided during the course of the day

Fresh fruit; Homemade flapjacks

Vegetable sticks; Homemade sausage rolls (mini)

Fruit or Cereal bar; Rice cakes

Fruit juice (diluted for children under 5 years)



Fresh water is always available




Porridge, with or without fresh fruit

Cereal with milk or toast with egg, baked beans, marmite or jam.

Fruit or yoghurt

Hot chocolate, milk, juice or water



Shepherd's pie, fisherman's pie or cottage pie

Pasta bake, spaghetti bolognaise or lasagne

Toad in the hole with vegetables

Sausages with mashed potato & peas

Homemade soup with homemade bread

Savoury sandwich, carrot sticks, Organix carrot puffs

Baked beans/spaghetti hoops/ravioli on toast

Homemade cheesy vegetable stars

Baked potatoes with a choice of filling


(Vegetarian options are always available if required)





Creamed Rice/macaroni/sago/semolina pudding

Jam Sponge



We encourage the children to eat vegetables which they have themselves grown as a part of their lunch/dinner