Childcare by Esme Funnell

Ofsted registered childminder

Downham Market - Norfolk

Telephone 01366 381517

 Mobile 07771 632 958

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I have an extensive range of policies and procedures in place which set out the way I work.


All policies and procedures are available to you within my portfolio, which can be e-mailed or posted.


Before your child starts with us each parent will receive a copy of my portfolio and updated immediately if any changes are made.


My policies include:


Accident and emergency policy/proceedures


Data Protection Policy / Retention Policy for GDPR


Safety and risk assessment policy


Safeguarding policy


Working with parents policy

My policies create a clear foundation for our working relationship!

I always take the time to meet and interact with all my new children and parents before they start with me.

It is also a good opportunity for parents to see me in the setting, interacting with other children, which helps parents make an informed choice about the services offered and the way in which they are delivered.


By meeting with you and discussing your child’s needs we can help them to settle into the setting as smoothly as possible.  This is important for both the child and the parents, as it can be emotional and distressing the first few times you leave your child.  


As a part of the settling in process I am more than happy to work with parents and offer settling in sessions, with parents at first for an hour or two building up to leaving them for a short amount of time at first. I am also more than happy to do a home visit , sometimes it helps the settling in process as it helps the child to familiarise his/herself with me in his or her own environment. I leave this completely up to parent to decide what they feel is best for them and the child.


Settling in ...

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